May 22, 2014

FAQs About Moving

Where can I get boxes?

Even though it sounds simple, picking boxes can be a frustrating task. For example, you need to choose the right size boxes and the right strength boxes otherwise they may not be strong enough to hold some of your items and then you don’t risk damaging your property. You can get the boxes from us. For a list of our packing materials, call one our helpful team members today.

Are there any items a removalist cannot carry?

It is illegal for a removalist to carry or move flammable liquids and objects such as gas canisters. Therefore we are unable to take these for you.

Are my items insured?

MoveJust4U have transit insurance which covers the entire load to a particular dollar value in the event of a rollover, fire, theft, or accident while your goods are in transit, this insurance covers whole loads and not individual items.

How much does a removal cost?

MoveJust4U‘s rates are very competitive with no hidden costs.