May 22, 2014

Tips and Advice for Packing




Packing carefully is extremely important when moving house. To ensure that your possessions are safe and secure, they need to be packed properly. By letting our expert packing team pack for you, you can ensure that your items are as safe as possible.



For families on a budget, self- packing can mean considerable savings. Even if you choose to do the packing yourself, you might still consider the following tips.



Packing Tips


Packing boxes and numbering them based on what room they should go in is also a great way to speed up the moving process.

Don’t pack boxes upside down.

Tape boxes along each seam.

Empty fuel from the lawn mower.

Empty the fridge.

Defrost fridge the night before.

Place paper towel rolls in your fridge when storing – it absorbs the moisture.

Arrange redirection of mail.

Prepare early and sort out the things that aren’t to go with the movers.

Keep communicating with your removalists.

Use hair dryer to dry seals on fridge.

Tape the lids of bar alcohol.

Keep important papers together.

Eliminate all unwanted items before you move, it will save you money on removal costs, i.e. garage sale etc.

Separate personal items you are taking with you.

Organise house cleaning for the day after removal or you may have to pay for a waiting period if the removalists aren’t out of the house.

Pack plastic crates very light (pillows, cushions etc.), they are not built for moving and if they are too heavy they will need to be packed low in the load. This could cause them to crack or become damaged. If plastic crates are packed light they can go up high and out of harms way.

Stabiliser for washing machine.

Pack an emergency kit, i.e. tea, coffee, juices.

Headache tablets and Band-Aids close at hand.

Give the checklist 4 weeks to ensure nothing has been forgotten.

Water plants 48 hours before move.

Ensure passport and airline tickets are not left in filing cabinets etc and mistakenly packed by removalists.

Have pet collected the day before removal.

Don’t turn fridge on for at least 1 hour after delivery – allowing the gases in the compressor to settle.